Our Team


Organizational Development Manager

Meet Pam. Pam is our organizational development manager. She loves change and is a big part of our culture. What energizes Pam the most is employee development and team building through confidence. She understands how to maximize the effectiveness, potential, and capacity of both people and the organization. She has become a mentor to staff and shows personal commitment with follow-through. Pam has a degree in Business Finance from Hiram College. She mostly enjoys traveling with her children and hiking.


Apprentice Optician
Social Media Specialist

Meet Anthony. Tony, as we call him, is our happy-go-lucky guy in the office. He is an apprentice optician but also heads our social media department. He has been a committed asset to our team and would be best described as the pillar of our organization. Being a man of God, he holds his values close. Tony is currently pursuing a degree in Communications. His hobbies include basketball and spending time with his friends. He likes to vacation in Virginia Beach where he and his wife can unwind overlooking the ocean views.


Frame Specialist

Meet Cheryl. Cheryl is our tenured employee. To know Cheryl is to love her.  Cheryl is regarded as the embodiment of selfless devotion to our staff and patients. She has worked for over forty years in optical. She has a unique ability to up-skill other opticians with her expansive knowledge in selling, repairs, and frame selections. You may not see Cheryl on the floor as much because we have the great pleasure of placing her in the position of Frame Specialist. However, if you request her, she would be elated to serve you.  When able, Cheryl spends most of her time traveling to visit her son, family, and friends.


Apprentice Optician

Meet Amber. Amber is one of our apprentice opticians. Amber is what we call our “polymath” of the team.  She has a thirst for knowledge and it shows! She is well-versed in many areas where she can effectively and efficiently apply her learned skills in each department. Although she could be defined as one of our strongest “floaters”, her passion is optical and she is working on her goal of becoming a licensed optician. Amber's favorite piece of advice is from Colossians 3:23 NLT, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord, rather for the people.”


Apprentice Optician

Meet Jessica. August 2024 will mark Jessica’s first anniversary here with Douglas Family Eye Care. She comes here with a vast amount of knowledge in optical as she has been an apprentice optician for seven years. Jessica is presently working towards her goal to become a licensed optician. When you meet Jessica you will be greeted with kindness and you’ll get to experience her talented techniques as she places you in the perfect pair of glasses. One of her greatest attributes is going above and beyond for each patient she encounters. Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Her hobbies include baking and traveling with her husband.  


Licensed Optician

Meet Kristin. Kristin is our newest staff member and we are so excited to have her as part of our team. Kristin is our licensed optician and has been working in the field for six years. One word that would define Kristin is “Powerhouse!” Her energy and the love she carries for the patients are infectious. Kristin enjoys working one-on-one with patients discussing their eye care needs and assisting them in eyeglass selection. Kristin is currently pursuing to become a dual licensed optician. Kristin loves to travel, hike, and create family memories.


Optical Receptionist

 Meet Carissa. Carissa is the receptionist at Optical. Outwardly, Carissa is soft, and friendly and can make every patient feel warm and welcome with top-notch customer satisfaction.  Inwardly, she has many interests and is creative in her thoughts and actions. Her intellectual curiosity motivates her to understand the mechanics of DFE; therefore, she also works alongside the administration on various assignments. Carissa graduated from Kent State University and carries a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Carissa's hobbies are hitting the gym, and spending time with her family and dogs, and would like to travel to Greece with her husband.



Meet Charisse. With Charisse’s high enthusiastic energy, she is able to professionally multitask in her professional role as one of our excellent receptionists. Charisse is the first person you will see when entering DFE. She will be quick to acknowledge you and will be attentive to your needs; therefore, becoming your first positive experience. Charisse is also our insurance specialist. She manages the schedule flawlessly and can handle high stress circumstances making her position at DFE a perfect fit for her. Charisse resides with her husband and two children. Charisse’s hobbies include spending time in nature, soaking up the sun, and taking mental breaks while visiting her favorite beach spot.  



Meet Diana. Diana is our front desk receptionist. Diana is patient focused, which provides a great skill for building rapport in an open and friendly manner. She is passionate about her job and gains self satisfaction when engaging with the patients and meeting the needs for each of them. Diana has a vast amount of knowledge working as a receptionist and she has been labeled our ”go-to” person as she enjoys working on projects. Diana's hobbies include reading, walking, bike riding, music, and cross-stitching.


Optometric Technician

Meet Amanda. Amanda has worked as both an ophthalmic and optometric technician for over the past eight years. She obtained her board certification as a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant in 2016. Her skill set is highly measured as she executes her assignments impeccably.  Amanda makes sure that patients experience a comfortable examination.  She has a vast amount of knowledge and is able to answer the questions the patients may have. Amanda resides with her two cats. She loves to travel and has been on several cruises. She is an avid reader and enjoys documentaries to unwind after a long day.